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Tested some films, including the one which earlier failed to work: they run fine! Thanks! :-)

* cvlc --adaptive-maxwidth=720
This worked ok!

* vlc :adaptive-maxwidth=720
* Or in VLC Preferences, Show settings:All, Input/Codecs, Preferred video resolution.
These two did not work - vlc ended always to use 1280x720/50fps mode.

Is there some way to limit the fps to 25? 1280x720/25fps would probably be the best mode my hardware can handle.

* I can play some streams without the referrer header.
Can you please give an example...?

Hi! Back to testing again... :)

I was trying to run this:

I got this link using get/link:

But it does not run in VLC, I get this error:

[f421ba10] access stream error: HTTP 404 error
QObject::~QObject: Timers cannot be stopped from another thread

Can you figure out the problem...?

Did you try all formats from the menu?

I get: "Katso EU:n alueella", then asks to login/register.

If you disable the script, in Dev tools (Ctrl+Shift+I), Network, search for "m3u8", if you find it then search for "" if not search for "".

Katso EU:n alueella = Watch inside European Union.

There is only MP4 (SHD, HD and LD) format available for that video.
I can run it in SpiderWeb with some of the 'Player' options, but as the bottom control panel is missing I cannot navigate inside the video, which I would like to do in this case.

Further testing... I noticed that if I then click with 'left' mouse button the 'Get/Link' menu item, that video starts to run in a browser window which has the title 'a.mp4' (and has now the bottom control panel, too), but unfortunately the video has the color problem (=blue)! The link which is now shown at the top of the window is:*~hmac=c8dba2898636d865bcf4cacf9ae0988bf0425fc8c02f20095b0a48a0b55758c2

That stringe seems to work also in VLC, with the right colors! But a little bit complicated way to get the link, IMO...

I wonder why the "Get/Link/Copy link location" does not work correctly here...?

The stream link the script gets is not the final, is a redirect. The browser reads the type from the first link which is not mp4, that's why the controls are missing. Try with 'Auto' or 'Alt' to get the controls. I can get the final links in the script if you want.

When you left click a link the browser decides what to do, if it has support for it will open it, if not will ask what to do (open or save) or download directly.

When you left click Get/Link the browser will folow the redirect and open/play the final link in the current window.

Thank you for your answer!

I got the controls with 'auto' and 'alt' only in Spiderweb, but the colors of the video were wrong, or/and it was running very slowly (probably in SHD, even if I had the lower HD selected). In Arctic Fox/Palemoon the colors/quality were ok, but there I was not able get the controls with any settings.

> I can get the final links in the script if you want.

Yes, that would be very wellcome! But I hesitate to ask that as you already have used so much time for this Yle support...;-)

It looks like all the skating videos from "Finlandia Trophy" behave similar way, so it is not just one stream. Why do they have to have so many different types of streams...?!

BTW, what browser are you using yourself, when you test ViewTube+? One problem is that my browsers do not seem always do the same things as your's.

And can you say something about these color problems I have encountered, what is causing them, and is there anything I can try myself to solve them?

I can get the final link but this is temporary (expire after a period of time and can't be used on different browsers/user-agent or IPs), the current link do not change and can be used anytime/anywhere.

There are two types of streams, progressive/mp4 and adaptive/hls (live or live recording). I don't understand the issue you have with the skating videos.

For testing I use Chromium and Firefox. The script should work on any browser/version that support user scripts. The only problem is (was) the "same origin policy", browsers allow requests only on the same domain, (the script loaded on can make requests only on this host) but this is no longer a problem with the introduction of CORS headers. This is about the internals of the script and what it displays (the interface), it should be the same on all browsers/versions. How browsers handle embeded objects, left or right click is a different thing and has nothing to do with the script.

The scripts only gets the video streams and offers ways to play them, embedded or with an external player. There's nothing I can do about issues with the video playback. I can only recommend to use an external player like mpv or vlc. I use mpv with the browser protocol.

Yes, I have also noticed that those final links are short-lived. But I have been anyway able to use the final links from 'Finlandia Trophy' streams (which I got running in Spiderweb by clicking with the left mouse button get/link menu) also in VLC. There seems to be no user-agent problems... But I have to select and copy the link manually from the browser window.

BTW, I installed Ubuntu Mate 18.04 (i386) on an old laptop, and it has Firefox v. 68. The machine is too slow for running videos decently, but I can now do some cross-testing and see how ViewTube+ menus and control panel behave on Firefox.

The script will show the same menus, video streams, options etc. in all browsers/versions. The only difference is in the second menu, some options are platform specific, Linux, Mac or Windows. What happens when you play the videos is a different thing, how the browser embeds objects, left click, right click etc.