problem with youtube classic addon
Hi! I'm having trouble with getting viewtube to work when having the youtube classic add-on enabled. it did work before on another setup. but now it's pretty consistent. I also have "disable html5 autoplay" but that doesn't seem to interfere. would be great to have that included in viewtube thou, since sometimes without it videos starts playing before youtube finnish loading and viewtube takes over the playing so I get a short ~1sec sound.

Do you use the user script or the add-on?

For youtube classic you just have to change a cookie, add or change PREF cookie f6 value to 8. (al=en&f1=50000000&f6=8&f5=30)

Audio on page loading is because the script doesn't load fast enough to stop the youtube player.
Doesn't the "Disable html5 autoplay " script/add-on have the same issue?

Didn't know there was an add-on! Going to try it. And thanks for the help. "disable html5 autoplay" does load quicker and it actually does block it 100% of the time, but it also blocks playing on every other site and you can't edit domains with wildcards so for bandcamp-domains it screws things over since they are I also tried with "disable youtube html5 player" but it also blocked the comments, recommendation panel etc making it all blank. Then I found "disable autoplay for youtube" which does work, but then it will only help for youtube :-) maybe the add-on is blocking before the page is loading since it's not a userscript.

If I need to change a cookie, then I need to have cookies turned on for youtube. Which I prefer not to, but I might aswell as long as the youtube classic add-on will work with viewtube! But how do I go about changing the cookie?

The loading was quicker with the add-on, but still sometimes a noticeable sound occured. So I will stick with "disable autoplay for youtube"-add-on. Will there every be a linktube add-on, or link-tube that does the loading of the video aswell and not just links?

Found this bug for linktube+ and ++...

"User script download failed

404 - Not Found at"

Was easy to fix thou.

Also, laaaast thing. Is it somehow possible to make the toolbar of viewtube dark to fit in with dark themes of stylus?

Thanks alot for a great scripts/add-ons! I've been using viewtube for years to solve various issues with playback and getting a clean playback without garbage when not having youtube-account.

What I meant was, not hardcode colour in the code to a specific colour. Bot rather have viewtube follow the theme of the selected stylus/stylish theme (best I guess) or atleast the gtk/qt-controls on linux.

OK! I did change the cookie f6 value to 8 with the web developer tools. But it did not work. I tried both just editing the default value keeping the rest intact, and I tried adding your whole string. None of it worked. Made sure the value did not change, and restarted tabs etc, and tried with both viewtube script and add-on.

Sorry for so many messages.

Send me the location/urls for disable autoplay scripts/add-ons you use.

If you disable cookies the script fails to check which design youtube uses. For now you have to remove the code for new design and leave only the old one (=====YouTube Old=====). Just change the first condition "''" with anything you want so it doesn't match youtube.

For cookies, CTRL+SHIFT+I, on topbar select Storage (Firefox) or Application (Chromium) , on the left select Cookies, select, edit PREF value (f6=8).

If you change the cookie make sure they are enabled. If you don't want to use them see the suggestion above.

For background color, for now you have to change "backgroundColor: '#FFFFFF'" to "black" or "inherit".

Right now using ->

Have been using ->

Thanks! Have to fiddle around with it and see what I come up with.

A user script or addon is loaded on document start,end or idle. The best option is at start but then there are no elements on the page so the script has to wait for them to load. This is what the disable autoplay addons use. My script uses the default, end (userscript) and idle (addon) that's why it fails to stop the audio from the beginning. You can try with document start by adding "// @run-at document-start" in the top metadata.

The above only works when opening new or reloading video pages. For related videos in the same page the script uses a interval of 500 milliseconds before it reloads the video player, you can try a lower value, it's at the end of the script.

problem with youtube
Hi! I'm having trouble with getting viewtube to work when having the youtube classic add-on enabled.
I can not download videos through this extension.
Please! Help me. I need enough in my work that this extension to work perfectly.


I assume you disabled cookies. If you did, then you have to edit the script, see my comments on the topic above.

Subject audio
Author nerdlinux
Hi developer,
i'm your fan! I use your script to download video only. Can you add option to download audio from social, please?

Give me some links.

ok!! An example is this page with many audiobooks:
the option to download the content would be perfect near each file audio.

Does any of them play without an VK account?

Before yes, now no, nedeed account.

with falcon browser, i use linux, doesn't play without account, i don't know with other browser. Try you, please.

I don't have an account so you have to find some links that don't require an account.

AV1 support in SaveTube
Artem S. Tashkinov
Hi there,

Could you please update the SaveTube script to support the AV1 codec? YouTube is now beta testing the codec and I guess soon it will become reality:

I don't think there's a new stream for these, I think you have to choose AV1 for SD videos in