ViewTube/SaveTube Test

I have gotten two errors on YouTube using latest ViewTube where a video got replaced with an error video. It's a rare error and it happened I think twice a few days ago and not since. I can't recall what it said. Anyway, it appears fixes have cropped up in the usual place.

I also noticed the InnerTube API key differs for ANDROID as I looked to the relevant bits myself in script and didn't see it.

I could only see the key that matches for WEB, WEB_EMBEDDED_PLAYER and TVHTML5_SIMPLY_EMBEDDED_PLAYER but not ANDROID.

That might not matter but thought I'd mention it anyway.

I've seen this too but it worked after a page reload.
Added the fix from ytdl, I don't know if the api key is important, I'll change it too if needed.

Robert J.
Yes, page reload. For several weeks, when downloading a Low Res mp4 with SaveTube, I'd occasionally been getting a whole bunch of useless mp3's.

Added the changes to savetube test version, let me know if this fixes the issue.

Robert J.
Will try, but as this collection of mp3's only happened occasionally and only with the low res (I get high res whenever possible), it's going to be difficult to determine when *it doesn't* happen anymore.