LinkTube is a JavaScript application that replaces the videos embedded in web pages with a link to the video page. There are two extra versions that show the video title and the streams for YouTube videos.

To work in Firefox, IceWeasel, IceCat, TenFourFox, Abrowser, Seamonkey it is required to install one of Greasemonkey or Scriptish add-ons.

To work in Chromium, Chrome, Iron the script must be saved and dragged & dropped in the extensions page or installed in the Tampermonkey extension.

To work in Epiphany (Gnome Web) it is required to install the Greasemonkey extension from Epiphany extensions.

To work in Midori it is required to enable the User Addons extension.

To work in Safari it is required to install one of GreaseKit, NinjaKit or Geekmonkey add-ons.

To work in OmniWeb it is required to install GreaseKit add-on. If the add-on doesn't work it must be enabled for OmniWeb from Safari.

To work in Opera the script must be placed in the JavaScript files directory or installed in the Violentmonkey extension.

To work in QupZilla a simple click on the script link should be enough.

To work in Maxthon it is require to install the LinkTube extension or to install the script in the Violentmonkey extension.