QuickTube is a simple tool for searching and opening videos from video sharing web sites.

Each result includes three items: the video thumbnail, the video title and the video owner/channel.
Clicking the thumbnail or the title will open the video with the chosen application.
Clicking the channel will search or list its videos.

Search options:

Site: YouTube | Dailymotion | Vimeo
Which site to search.

Results: 25
The maximum results per search.

Safe: No | Yes
Whether the search results should include restricted content.

Sort: Relevance | Date | Views | Rating | Alphabetical
The method that will be used to order results.

Channel: No | Yes
Whether to search the channel's videos or just list them.

Open options:

Video: Link | Stream
Whether to open the video link or the video stream.

Application: mpv --ytdl=yes --fs
What application is used to open the video.

Installation on Linux and BSD platforms:



Build & install:

make install